As part of the Canadian Aboriginal Youth Science Initiative (CAYSI) I spent the summer of 2005 as a Volunteer Teacher with Elephant Thoughts, teaching Science Camps at First Nations Bands in Eastern and Central Canada.  Sent out in teams of two, we were in the classroom Monday-Friday with 15 to 25 spirited children, and then weekends on the road driving to the next location -- probably 11,000 kms in all.  A great experience.  Makes you realize how diverse and big a country we live in -- Not much cell phone coverage outside of major cities ... and where is the next Starbucks?

Feel free to contact me here if you have questions about my experience with the program.

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GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE - December 2005 / January 2006


Over Christmas break the summer teaching group travelled to Mirik, India to conduct a 3-day Teachers Training Workshop with local teachers from several private schools in the area.  Elephant Thoughts is funding this education venture through its International School Support and Improvement Program.


2005-12-26-2006-01-07 India - A reward for our summer efforts and another opportunity to make a contribution.













Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Rose Bud Academy, Mirik, India

Mirik is located in the southern Himalayas near the India/Nepal border



Canadian Aboriginal Youth Science Initiative (CAYSI) - Summer 2005My students received a Certificate of Achievement


2005-07-04 Science Camp - Collingwood Training


It all starts here.  Some assembly required.


Jan learns some new skills. 




I prepared a Certificate of Achievement for all my students.

2005-07-11 Science Camp - Pictou Landing


The Pictou Landing First Nations is a Mi'kmaq First Nation Community which is home to approximately 400 members, about 69 percent of the registered population of the band.



Jeremy leads this session.





2005-07-18 Science Camp - Batchewana


The Batchewana First Nation of Ojibways consists of four separate tracts of land with a total land mass of 2241.4 hectares or 5538.4 acres near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  The current population stands at approximately 2080. This includes off reserve members and members residing on the Obadjiwon Reserve, Goulais Bay Reserve, and Rankin Reserve areas.


Jan and Lana in a chemistry demonstration.



2005-07-25 Science Camp - Opaskwayak


The Opaskwayak Cree Nation is the home to over 4500 people of Cree descent with an on-reserve population of 2850. The reserve consists of 17 parcels of land varying in size from 10 to 5200 acres and totaling less then 15,000 acres. The most populated settlements are located in and around the Town of The Pas, Manitoba.


Jan participating with student.




2005-08-01 Science Camp - Peguis


Peguis is the largest First Nation community in Manitoba, with a population of approximately 7200 people of Ojibway and Cree descent.  Peguis is located 190 km north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

            • The class picture.




2005-08-08 Science Camp - Dokis


Dokis First Nation is a community located on the French River between the boundaries that separate the districts of Parry Sound, Sudbury and Nipissing and has a land base in excess of 39,000 acres. The total membership of the community is slightly under 1000 persons with a residential population of approximately 250.


Are there instructions?




2005-08-15 Science Camp - Alderville


Alderville has been home to the (Mississauga) Anishinabeg of the Ojibway Nation since the mid-1830s.  Alderville First Nation is located 15 minutes north of Cobourg, Ontario.




A hair raising experiment.




2005-08-22 Science Camp - Georgina Island


The Chippewas of Georgina Island are among the original inhabitants of what is now Ontario. Georgina Island First Nation Reserve consists of Georgina, Snake, and Fox Islands which lie 3km off the southern shore of Lake Simcoe. There are 629 band members with presently 183 First Nation residents on Georgina Island. 



I Want To Be A Paleontologist !




To learn more of the First Nations people of Canada

follow this link to the Aboriginal Canada Portal


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