Elephant Thoughts

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation is the home to over 4500 people of Cree descent with an on-reserve population of 2850. The reserve consists of 17 parcels of land varying in size from 10 to 5200 acres and totaling less then 15,000 acres. The most populated settlements are located in and around the Town of The Pas, Manitoba.


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Notes from Jan's Elephant Thoughts journal:

We are able to get some internet access at the library so managed to check email and write home. I really am enjoying this experience.  I know we are being invited to teach by progressive bands, but I am so impressed by their commitment to their kids and learning.  These people have a lot to be proud of.


We had an interesting day.  This morning there were 36+ kids in the room so I went to the coordinator and said that I just couldn't handle quite that many. We split into two groups and had 26 kids in the morning and a different 18 in the afternoon. Much more manageable.

Again, the kids are great - the teen-aged team leaders drive me crazy. I'll have a discussion with the education coordinators tomorrow to discuss the situation.  I think we need to hold a meeting with everyone at the start of camp just to go over expectations and rules from now on.  By the end of the summer we should have this down to a routine :)


We didn't have any bread for lunch - so we had to do Tim Horton's!!!  Our budget is blown for the day.


July 27, 2005


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