Jarvis Traditional Elementary is located in North Delta, BC.  In September 2009 at the request of the community and parents, Jarvis became a traditional school.  This means that students wear uniforms to school and there is a school-wide focus on respect and academics (including homework).  Jarvis is the location of the North Delta lower intermediate social learning program.  The Social Learning Program supports students whose home schools are not able to provide the intensive behaviour and academic planning necessary for continued learning and successful interactions with other students.


Visit my ABA in Action Classroom site

Visit my ABA Classroom site

Intake into the program is at the request of the student's home school School Based Team (SBT) with the permission of the parents.  The SBT needs to show that they have tried to support the student in a regular classroom with their peers but are not able to meet the child's needs at this time.


An Intake Meeting is held in the Spring. Student Service staff, Social Learning Program teachers and principals make the final decision of whether the Social Learning Program is the right choice for a particular student.


Nine new students joined one returning student in the classroom in September, 2009.  Student challenges included self-regulation, anxiety, classroom skills and academic needs.  Although each child had unique needs, we were able to implement a class-wide approach to implement their IEP.  Students were also part of a regular classroom and joined them for appropriate classes.


We used evidence-based practices and programs throughout the day which blended into a replicable treatment package.  At the heart of the program was a token economy which reinforced students for displaying "expected behaviors".